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We are one of the last sock manufacturers in Canada. We have chosen to serve only special markets and niches. Alpaca, merino wool, bamboo etc. Our motto; produce top of the line products, offer the best service and be ahead on the needs of the industry.


Three generations of textile expertise are within Dristex. The owner, Daniel Drisdelle, has been in the textile industry for over 40 years and is also a consultant for specialized textiles. He has founded Dristex 25 years ago; which has become over the years, a research/development/production center of new products and fibres. Dristex has served many well-known brands and businesses throughout Canada.


Dristex is not only a company. We also have a “Mission” which is to help those in need such as single parent families, the homeless, back to school programs etc. Our greatest desire is to help the maximum amount of people on our path and to always keep them on our mind no matter how busy we get.

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Daniel Drisdelle, Founder & owner

Dristex Canadian Socks 3FibreTech Video Presentation

Dristex Canadian Socks 3FibreTech-Specifications

Dristex Manufacturing

Dristex State of the Art Equipment

We are now turning to the general public in order to benefit as many people as possible from our amazing products, that we believe in as much as at the beggining.But Dristex is way more than a lucrative based business. What guides us is also our social mission, that is to help the ones in need.

We are helping monoparental families, homeless people, people on the streets, and we also donate to return to school programs, and many various causes. We are always happy to help social causes in the community! Our greatest desire is to help as many people as possible, and to never be too busy working and always have in mind helping the ones that need it so very much! We especially hope to have a positive impact in the community and give back to others. We strongly believe that is our duty to help people, and as a business, we have this power and we love to use it wisely. By encouraging us, you also help the community and for that, we thank you warmly to chose us!

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